Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Male Laser Hair Removal - A Growing Trend

More and more men are getting laser hair removal. Even 5 years ago, it was the second most desired non-surgical cosmetic procedure sought by men and has become acceptable to society to the point that it is almost a fad now. Even back then, it might surprise you to know that an estimated one fourth of the 'laser hair removal' customers were men. Over the years, male laser hair removal has become more reliable and safer. Progresses in technology has made it a lasting solution for those that just don't like all the fuzz.

You can see why when you look at the alternates:

* Waxing as a hair removal method calls for spreading hot wax onto the area you would like to do away with hair, and then putting on a strip of cloth or muslin onto the desired area, warming it up by rubbing, and pulling off the strip in one quick action -- wax, hair, root, and all. Waxing is effective enough but lasts only for three to four weeks, but is a perpetual process.

* Shaving presents the obvious problem of reach. Though they make razors for this, it's nearly out of the question to shave your own back, and it can be even more embarrassing to find somebody to do it for you.

* Electrolysis involves slipping a needle into one hair follicle one at a time, destroying each with an electric current. Electrolysis works for small areas but is more for those with light-haired hair or dark skin.

Tweezing - Well, I think I'd give up after half an eyebrow.

As you are able to see, none of these are long-lived and a real time consumer. Only laser hair removal for men allows for a permanent solution to unwanted hair.

Male laser hair removal used to be only good for those of light skin and dark hair. While this is still the most successful type of candidate, even read heads and blonds can enjoy the benefits with Intense Pulsed Light Devices. The primary areas that men treat with laser include the face, shoulders, back and chest. And sense you're imagining it all ready - Yes, the genital area also. When somebody says "full Brazilian" your first thing that might spring to mind is women, but increasingly men are getting it done also whether it is for there woman or as a couple to zest up their sex life. Your second thought might be "OUCH!" but like stated earlier, advances in technology has made laser hair removal virtually painless and doesn't require anesthesia or pain medication in most cases.

Male laser hair removal is done by a cosmetic surgery professional in a medical facility. The same way as its done to a woman. The area that is being treated will determine how long the session will last. The shoulders may take 15 minutes while the whole back might take an hour or more. The area needs to be shaved and cleaned. The doctor may then apply a cooling cream or topical anesthesia before using the laser instrument. Light pulses will then befired at hundreds of hair follicles at the same time. The heat form the laser will damage the roots and cause the hair to fall out in a matter of days usually, weeks in some cases. Even then, depending on the coarseness of the hairs and the area, you're dealing with an average of 4 - 6 visits to see real results and upwards of 15 treatments for completion. Each visit might set you back anywhere from $250 to the $500 mark.

Mild inflammation and puffiness on the treated area for a couple of days is about the only side effect of laser hair removal for men during which time you're advised to avoid exposure to the sun for best results. Laser hair removal is the most cost-efficient method of getting rid of unwanted hair for good in the long run. The best advice I can give is that you seek a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. They may charge more per treatment, but it will take fewer treatments to get the job done and they'll do it right.

Even though there are rare cases of side effects, a person still needs to get all the facts before embarking on such a journey. Making the transition to becoming hairless takes lots of time and money. Visit the New Male Laser Hair Removal site to learn more. Because if you haven't considered it yet... you know some one who has.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brandon_McVey

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